Who is Barley ?

Hello, my name is Barley. I am a harvest mouse with an extra long tail and splendid round ears. Some might call me nosy but I prefer to think of myself as eagerly curious. There is a difference, honestly!

I am always asking questions which sometimes infuriates my creator but her sons are very patient and I love being with them. Sometimes I am tucked in a pocket and we all go out together and other times I just hang out a round the house finding things to do. You can see the things I get up to by searching under Barley on the right.

Pickle is my brother, he is often off enjoying an adventure somewhere and that is when I savor the peace and quiet and wait, for maybe a small story might just come my way?…………. Now its time for a little relaxation and some cloud watching.

Barley in relax mode

Barley in relax mode

 Would like your own Barley Mouse ?



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