Mouse after a scent

What scent reminds you of home? Every year ‘near my birthday’ the hyacinths on our window-sill fill the kitchen with their sweet perfume. This year they have flowered early…….do you think my birthday might come early too…? ps. what do you think of my new scarf? Liberty made it for me, but she said I…

The New Rhyming ABC has arrived.

 Ready for some learning fun? The New Rhyming ABC is now available as a Kindle download. Sing, read, and act out this new rhyming poem accompanied by clear and cheerful ‘patchwork’ illustrations. Find out more…..  


  A big ‘Howdie’ from a little cowboy. Billy is racing off to play in the garden ready to wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’. Billy cards are available here.

Pickle, the mouse

“Hello, I’m Pickle.”

“Hello, I’m Pickle. We haven’t yet met. Actually  I have only just been created and am still settling into my new home in the top desk draw of my creator. I was talking to her this morning, asking whether she could make me taller but she replied that I was cute just as I am…