Help the tooth fairy

The Round Top Hill tooth cushions are made by hand in our Somerset studio and are proving to be as popular as ever. We are excited to reveal our first new design for Summer 2015. Each cushion comes with a ribbon for hanging on the door and can be personalised with an embroidered name. Advertisements

Down by the stream

Barley and Pickle went with the boys down to the stream. It was a lovely cool spot to fish for minnows and dip the toes. Everyone was having fun playing ‘Pooh sticks’ when Pickle had the idea he wanted to try out the course for himself. Barley went along too but soon was having second thoughts.…

Barley gets a suprise postcard

Back in February, Barley’s brother Pickle vanished without saying a word. Barley was very worried and looked everywhere for him but to no avail.  Pickle could never resist diving into pockets just to see where he would end up, he called it ‘ adventure jumping’. Barley was always a bit more cautious. Well today at…


  A big ‘Howdie’ from a little cowboy. Billy is racing off to play in the garden ready to wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’. Billy cards are available here.