Snowdrops, an early expedition

Pickle went with a puppy on his walk among the snow drops this morning. ‘If you touch your nose on the tips of the leaves they are pointy and stiff, this is so they can push through the hard frosted ground’. Advertisements

One of our mice had a birthday today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PICKLE At long last the day he had been waiting for arrived. Pickle woke early, just as the sun was beginning to peep up from behind Round Top Hill. After the birthday breakfast with his friends it was time to open the presents. “What did you get Pickle?” Barley and Fred leant forward…

Why the long face?

Pickle! Why the long face? “Oh, nothing”. Come on, you are not normally one to sit still on such a sunny day. Maybe Pickle thinks we have forgotten his birthday? Well don’t  let on just yet but we do have something up our sleeves.

A prickly encounter

Today we went to the park and the boys lost their ball under a hedge. Look what they came out with. Pickle asked him if he wanted to come on the tram but the hedgehog wasn’t keen.   Click on Pickle to commission your own mouse.