Spring accessories

Snowdrops, early daffodils, lambs…….. something is in the air. Could Spring be just around the corner? Barley has been testing our new Bunny Bag in lovely sky blue with zip close and adjustable strap. Advertisements

Christmas mice

Just around now thoughts at Round Top Hill turn to decorations. This year Barley has been the inspiration for our jolly mice, he even helped at the photo shoot. For decorations like this and more why not have a peek at out shop?

Barley sugar time

Today Barley made some scrummy barley sugar ready for Pickle’s birthday. If you have a party coming up these barley twists will go a treat and if you use white sugar they look like sparkling icicles. Go here for the recipe

Getting ready for Pickle’s birthday

Barley its a surprise, you’ll just have to wait until Pickle opens the present on his Birthday.No you can’t feel it and have guess! And  WHY are you wearing your apron?   I’m making my speciality for him……..BARLEY SUGAR, if you have some sugar, an egg and a lemon you can join me too      

Cat baiting

That’s enough Barley, I’m not going to play, it’s too hot.   Barley, are you feeling bored. How about a treasure hunt tomorrow? Yipeeeee